Friday, February 26, 2010

days like this

1.  Apparently, I am still capable of working occasional 12 hour days.

2.  Apparently, I am still capable of occasionally stopping at the store on the way home from said 12 hour work days.

3.  Apparently, I am still capable of occasionally using said groceries after said 12 hour work days to cook delicious dinner.

4.  I am not, however, anywhere near inclined to spend my 2 left over hours of awakeness on the aforementioned days to either work on the abstracts for my two papers, or to write a post in Hungry blog on the exquisite discussion that occurred during the morning's Journal Club.

5.  It is 830 on a Friday night and I am planning to crash on my pillow.  So.  Maybe I'm not quite back yet...  But I'm really, really happy.


  1. At least you know how to cook! That looks delicious. watch will make you laugh

  2. hah! that's where that came from... this is the one i'd seen before: