Monday, February 21, 2011

milestone: I have officially lost count of Remicade treatments

Yesterday, I realized that I have now lost track of how many Remicade infusions I've had.  In celebration of this milestone, and just to spice up the morning since I needed the next four hours to write, I opted to place the I.V. in a very new spot.  On a recommendation from Sempre, I had my last I.V. on the back of my wrist -- ideal for motility and/or mobility.  This time, my nurse honed in on the tiny vein halfway up my medial forearm.  Yeah, it's sensitive there.  Though my nurse is a ninja with a needle, this particular vein had not yet been broken in, and elicited a breath-holding type of pain.  It did do the trick, for I was fully awakened, and with a heating pack the spasms died down in half an hour.  Three essays later, it was time to head home with not even the smallest bruise.  Needle Ninja.

I will probably not use this vessel next infusion because I like to give each vein a fair chance to show off its docking capacity, but I will use it again.  Certainly on days when I need to get work done...

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