Friday, March 11, 2011

resources for the neurosciences graduate student

I can't stress enough the importance of networking in the scientific community.  Be it for collaboration on a study, tips on a technique, developing your career or just commiserating, your peers in the world of research are often your greatest resource.

Some of the links in my Procrastination Station are some networking resources which I have found to be outstanding.  Benchfly and Society for Neuroscience's Menthorship Program.

What is terrific about Benchfly is that it transcends individual scientific fields and highlights what we share between specializations.  This is a hub for video protocol sharing and career jump-starting, survival and development.

The relatively new Mentorship Program through SfN is specific to SfN members.  It is a way for fledgling scientists to connect with the masters of the trade through whom to find guidance and tips.

If you have a favorite networking and development site, please share it with me!

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