Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the traveling Crohn: displacement

Oh, hai.  Just checking in.  Not dead.  Still kickin'.

After a pleasant and leisurely road trip from the PNW, stopping pretty much everywhere in the Bay Area (BA) to see the in-laws and such delightful people as Kara from Sempre and some of H.K.'s childhood friends, and a quick stop in the BA ER for some I.V. and CT scan action (because who could resist?), we did eventually make it to our southern destination last week.  We dragged little bro-in-law down from the BA and unloaded in 1.3 days, and were completely unpacked and settled in after 5.  Relocation machines.

 Good bye PNW.

 BA R&R.

Apart from the disaster that was transferring my medical ID and records from PNW Kaiser to So. Cal Kaiser (now 1 week late for Remicade and nowhere near being ready to change treatments as planned, thank you), I am floating head above water in the sea of graduate school entrance paperwork.  No department can seem to agree on what I need to do and in which order... so I just kind of dowhatIwant, and lo' and behold, it's all getting done.  The nice thing about So. Cal is that none of the hassle is really too much of a bother, because, well, the sun is out.

Hullo desert.

H.K. and I bike somewhere new (or new-ish) every day, which is great for my mind and all-too-out-of-shape corpus.  And I fear we are in a never-ending feud as to whether I should drop my PNW roots and start wearing up-the-crack shorts (hoochy mama shorts, I believe they're called) like the rest of the New Home Base community.

Today is the first time I've sat down and really taken a breath.  And by taking a breath I mean worked on my conference poster and discussed experiments [in which I no longer have a hand] with Boss Man, naturally.

Best of all?  The ants know their place here.  They stay outside.  And.  The squirrels that run rampant in the PNW?  They're bunny rabbits here.  Everywhere.  As being displaced from the land and people you love goes, it's glorious.  Bring on the science.


  1. Best of luck on your new adventure! (What a crazy year for all of us, uh?!)

    And aren't you just so excited to be a Dr.? (Maybe that's just me, day-dreaming. When you're thinking about learning, I'm thinking about the prestige that comes w/ a PhD!)

    I hope the sunshine state (wait; is that Florida? no matter...) brings you much joy!!!!

  2. It seems I've left the light on for you. I really miss socal... I got a tad bit too tipsy at my housewarming, and gave a rant about east coast vs. socal to my roomate's sibling. Mostly weather related. If I could move my gradlab to socal, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

    We're starting the journey!