Thursday, October 11, 2012

SfN 2012

I love the Society for Neuroscience meeting.  I am beyond excited to explore new research and people and see New Orleans -- well, the French Quarter at least.

People act like traveling to this event is no big deal.  And to most, it isn't.  But organizing how I get to and from work each day and accomplish tasks and errands is as involved for me as traveling to this conference is for most people.  I am now what can be considered a seasoned veteran of the SfN extravaganza.  The meeting itself is dangling in front of me like an unimaginable treasure chest.  So on the eve of flight, I am Zening like a mofo [read: zoning on too many episodes of The Walking Dead with H.K. beside me].  Checking off the packing of forms, drugs, ER addresses and food supplements like a master, and doing everything in my power to avoid those panic attacks that have been cascading me into Crohn's episodes for the last 4 months.

This year I have 2 poster sessions, the first a requirement in light of my travel award.  And real, purposeful shmoozing.  I cannot wait.

This is the least healthy that I have ever been prior to travel like this.  And I'm so looking forward.  And so anxious.

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  1. Good luck! Meetings are rough/wonderful for me too :)