Thursday, July 1, 2010

romantic ruminations and rhubarb

H.K. and I answering a questionnaire and trying to figure how we're going to personalize our wedding ceremony:

HK: 'What do you most look forward to about life with this person?'  The summers. If you have seen Raga in a bikini you know what I'm talking about.
Raga: I said, "everything we haven't experienced yet."  I look forward to everything because I get to share or experience it with you.  ... and that is the lamest thing I've ever said.
HK: the question says, "most"
Raga: I know.  It's all the most.
HK: the summers aren't better?  I think the summers are better.
Raga:  I think I'm so painfully love-struck that it's all just a wash.

I know it sounds like we're having our own personal conversations here, but we're really on the same page.  Truly. 

It appears that I have eaten one-too-many salads of late, and my supposedly non-existent ileal stricture has beaten me down.  Therefore, I have taken a personal day today in order to mollycoddle my belleh in the interest of surviving (dare I say, enjoying) my wedding day.  My beloved cake chef is making the chocolate kahlua tier a vegan one .  In his honor, I will be dining on rice, chicken and the goodies featured below for the next eight days.

Here's what happened to that rhubarb I mentioned:
I may or may not but almost certainly did over-bake the crust, add sugar to the egg whites too quickly whilst beating the meringue, give up the meringue-beating too early and then forget that I had left it all in the oven after adding the meringue to crisp; but these rhubarb custard meringues were nonetheless delectable.

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