Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grocery Days

I have a terrible habit.  Sundays are typically grocery days (interrupted by the occasional Tuesday when I find exceptional goodies at the farmer's market at work), and they are accompanied by excessive eating.

It has to do with having so many "new and exciting" foods in the kitchen.  These can either be items we have not seen for a year (rhubarb), or things we have been missing for 3 days -- their presence in my kitchen is exhilarating either way.  The bad habit is that I, in this recent Quasi-comfortable Tummeh Era, consistently oblige my urge to consume everything new. 

The only reason this does not send me into a state of catatonic bloating and pillow-burrowing is because I munch.  Like a squirrel.  Micro-portions of each of the newest and most exciting items from the grocery store are consumed over the course of Sunday, between Sunday-esque tasks such as laundry, vacuuming, cooking, and most recently, poolside bronzing and running. 

Although the Squirreling technique is helpful in confusing my tummeh into thinking I am treating it respectfully,  it is ultimately poor eating etiquette in that I eat so many different kinds of micro-portions.  I have found over the last decade, not surprisingly, that the wider array of foods I eat in a single day, the more uncomfortable (or nauseous, or in pain) I feel by the end (or over the next few days).

For the last three months or so, I have been running 3-6 days a week (note: this has lowered my weight even below what the last six months starvation did, and allowed a maintenance in that range -- I have not been this happy with my body since high school).  Over the last three, I began to notice an ache in my lower left abdomen during my run.  I disregarded this as side ache and was simply careful about drinking water beforehand.  Today, however, the pain was deeper and more distinguished, and I realized I had probably aggravated the Crohn's Baby. 

Today, therefore, I held back on the pressing urge to consume the newandexcitingitemsinmykitchen, and opted for an afternoon of cooking and a summer meal.  Cold cucumber soup with baguette, fresh pesto and tomato.  I am definitely not sitting here munching on leftover baguette and tomato...

Notice the new color in my diet!!

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