Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Crohn's Affair, Part Deux

As requested by Lovely Lisa (my foodie Crohnies; drop. by. this. blog.), an update on weddingness as July 10th, 2010 becomes increasingly imminent. 

1) Location: Travel is proving to be a greater burden on people than I'd suspected.  People travel for weddings all the time, I thought.  People travel to Hawaii for weddings, I thought.  If I find enough hotel discounts and couches to surf, no biggie, I thought.  Ahem.  Announcing the total of six (count 'em, six) beloved guests who have, to date, lost their invitations and email follow-ups, and have required a re-send.  I know my friends and family -- I saw this coming a mile away (or 2800 miles, in JLD's case).  To my great fortune, H.K. is a brilliant graphic designer, and our homemade invitations and inserts are saved in easily accessible and even more easily emailable pdf format.  What the hell do people with pre-ordered invitations do when this happens?..

2) Cake:  The adorable German cake maker in charge of the pièce de résistance of our wedding is so excited for our theme (to be disclosed at a later date for those not currently privy).  It's going to be quite classy, and classic, and killer awesome.  H.K.'s mom has been kind enough to do our cake tasting for us, as we are not in the state.  As it stands, I want one kind of cake and H.K. wants another; thus, we have decided to have each tier a different kind.  I decided that since it's pretty unlikely I'm going to want to eat anything my wedding day anyway, it wont hurt to skip the dairy-free expense and make my guests happier at less cost.  If I need a bite of cake, a single forkfull (read: handful) will not be my undoing.

3) Food:  Should be perfect and flawless.  And almost twice as expensive as I originally hoped.

4)  Wine:  Having had several very successful test runs, I have decided that I can now drink wine again (for the moment, and in small doses), and will be doing so on my wedding day.  Suck it.

5)  Drugs: Back-ups acquired.  Thank goodness we've decided to drive; I've been embarrassed before carrying so many search-meriting bottles onto a plane.

6)  Hair:  My mom figured something out in less than five minutes of messing around.  Never, ever would I have been remotely interested in a side bun, but in my half-bald condition, it works... weird.

7)  Dress:  Well, I cried after trying it on for the first time after the seamstress added the straps.  I thought I looked like uncontainable whale blubber.  Dwarf-sized.  Then I discovered that with the straps I no longer had to wear the $7K bra I had purchased (and left the tag on through each fitting.. muahaha), and stopped crying, but am still freaked out.  Maybe it's just that I do not wear dresses?

8)  Bachelor/ette Parties:  "What bachelorette party?" We tagged on an evening of night-out excitement in SF the night before the rehearsal dinner that I finally realized was probably a good idea to have ("What rehearsal dinner?").

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