Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sugar and spice, and everything disgorged


not good.  i do not feel good.  double dose of promethazine and some tylenol and i am still head-achey and flagrantly nauseous.

admittedly, i did have a lot of sugar today... not smart.  i do not feel smart.

this evening, i wanted nothing more than to eat my yukons scalloped in rice milk and read my book on Eve Ball.  alas, i made some poor decisions today (like not running; eating three mini gluten-free cornbread muffins, a quarter of a chocolate waffle and four pieces of salt water taffy; not drinking any water until 2pm).  not hungry.  i do not feel hungry.

i was hoping to avoid a repeat of the last year, but this whole back-to-where-i-was-last-April business is not promising.  not promising.

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  1. My bad Monday your bad Tuesday...heres to a Fabulous Friday for both of us :)