Friday, May 14, 2010

Fatigue vs Stamina

In this tale, H.K. will play the part of the strapping young bulk of a man, Stamina, whilst your "humble" (who are we kidding?) narrator will play Fatigue.  H.K. often deals with the stress of not only my illness, but my persistent lack of confidence or pride when I am ill.  It's a load on him, and I do not pretend to not notice; in fact, I owe him decades of tantrum-free Ragalove to make up for the last year and whatever other spurts of self deprecation may occur in the future... and lots, and lots of Legos.


T'was the night before Friday, and all through the apartment
no creature was stirring for they knew what compartment
of Hell they would occupy, should they cross Fatigue's way
as she raged against the defeat of a very long day.

Calm was her manner as Fatigue attempted to hide
the day's exhaustion that was melting her insides
and cooked, she, a meal of potential glory;
"potential" being key to the outcome of this story
for Fatigue was... fatigued, and she undercooked the broccoli
and the way-too-bland chicken simmered so mockingly
which was tolerable to her taste buds until Stamina tiptoed
into the region where no other creature dared go.

"Darling," he whispered, so cautious and patient,
"this broccoli's not quite done, if I may be blatant;
could I give it another quick spin in the pan?"
and Fatigue's eyes went red as she glared at the man
and then, an explosion of surprising magnitude
was aimed to attack Stamina's loving attitude.
The tears flowed in streams from Fatigue's boiling eyes
her obdurate upset in no kind of disguise.

T'was a culinary failure, she sorely proclaimed
and swore no more dinners would henceforth be maimed.
For Fatigue had decided that this single supper
was a representation of all that she blundered;
her pattern of failure to remain insurmountable,
her tantrums toward Stamina seemingly uncountable,
Fatigue simply gave up with a mucousy blow
and poor Stamina, a kiss and a hug did bestow.

"Don't do this to yourself," Stamina appealed
"it's been a long day, and this is just one meal,
we'll do it together the next time around,
and we'll follow the book so that things turn out sound."

When an hour of crying had passed, the truth was outed:
Fatigue was embarrassed of all that she touted
to be able to give Stamina in return for his love
and felt she could not, despite all she had hopes of.
The undercooked broccoli and under-spiced chicken
weren't hints of a long day, but marks of a quickening
realization that Fatigue was no good
at providing the things that a good partner should.

T'was the day after Thursday, and with her eyes dried
Fatigue began battling the inadequacy inside
admitting that exhaustion was likely to blame
and she still had this gift to give Stamina unmaimed.
Fatigue returned home from another long day
rhapsodic that she had not driven Stamina away,
and promised him a weekend devoid of strife.
Happy Friday to all, and to all a good life!


Just so y'all know, when prepared correctly (below), this dish is scrumptialicious.

1. defrost two chicken breasts
2.  dice yam into 1" blocks to match banana chunks
3.  caramelize onions in pan
4.  throw yam chunks in with onion
5.  in a separate pan, stir fry broccoli with olive oil, salt n' peppa for 2 min on med-high followed by 5 min on med-low
5.  when yams are halfway to their peak softness, add chicken
6.  after 1 min, add 1tsp garlic, 1tsp turmeric, 1tsp cayenne
7.  add bananas to chicken/yam/spice pan and cook on med-low until everything is soft and chicken is cooked