Wednesday, September 8, 2010

L'shana tova, u'metuka!

If I can't hold to a marriage resolution, perhaps I can cling to a new year's resolution.  My favorite holiday -- at one time, for no other reason than the unassuming joy of casting away my sinful bread crumbs into a flowing body of water -- comes to the rescue.

L'shana tova u-metuka, everyone!  May the new year 5771 be the one during which I finally set sail for graduate school and begin actually working toward my and my husband's future.  And may Gaia accept this Jewish celebration, absorb my bread crumb sins into her bosom and recycle them back to me as renewed opportunity.  May there be abundant apples and honey, and may the Pedant Neuroscientists of the world not get in my way again this year.

Or some such gibberish.

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