Tuesday, September 21, 2010

on waffling

One of my most favorite wedding gifts was from Lovely Lisa.  Leave it to the Waffle Wizard to bestow upon me a waffle maker of my very own.

Not only does my fancy new culinary instrument occupy perfectly that-one-shelf-space-in-the-kitchen-into-which-nothing-else-fits; there is just no topping the ultimate design of the waffle in terms of entree base.

This is one of my favorites.

Last night, I conducted my first experiment: waffled polenta.  It was simple, speedy and surprisingly delicious -- delicious in a reliable way, as if I could make this thing well more than one fluke time in my life.

Next up, "Fawafles".

  yes, this is, indeed, Tapatio sauce.

Protest all you like about how terrible corn is for the Crohn tract.  While cornbread, polenta, grits, hominy and cornmeal soup are all reproved in the common Crohn's or IBS diet, these are also gluten free foods, so if your reactions tend to be more volatile with wheats, polenta can be a benign substitute.  Cornmeal is also higher in fiber than wheat, and can be very helpful with Obdurate Throughput.  With Crohn's the clinical studies never cease to reveal that what is beneficial to one case is likely to be harmful to another, and there is no universally harmful food in Crohn's disease (Triggs et al 2010).


  1. These look mightily fine. I bet they would be good with some sage in the batter, too.

  2. you are so right. i was ashamed to have nothing in my kitchen but garlic and pepper to contribute to these...

    believe me, the creative vigor is only beginning :)