Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday was a day of unkemptitude in the Ragamuffin abode.  The first 4.5 hours were spent in Remicade infusion, steeping in unwashedness with greasy psoriasis treatment-stained hair thrown up in a bun with loose strands draping over the letters "MINI" which stretched across my anythingbutmini rack.  I think it weirds my nurse friends out to see such a creature reading books on the Carnegie Steel Company and Russian politics of the WWI era.  Although this is typically how I roll in the infusion center, it's not how I run errands... typically. 

Upon returning home, having added the odors of saline and ethanol to my aspect, there were errands to be run.  Thus, the Lego store and two groceries witnessed the essence of Ragamuffin.  Apparently, even after two years of Remi, I run myself into the ground after infusions as if it were nothing.  Heat flashes and vertigo abound and I nearly pass out in the car ride home.  Brilliant.

Home again, I am so excited at having bought real food after two weeks of not being able to use my kitchen that I spend 20 minutes arranging things.  Here would be a good place to note that the stank in my house is gone (after only 3 months! hazzah?); pipes replaced, hole in kitchen covered in cement and 1/3 of my cabinets and counter space ripped out.  The ant situation has resolved itself, and I have decided that what drove them to our kitchen was their own home being overrun with rotting sewage-soaked soil.  Neither the missing vinyl floor nor the counter will be replaced before we move.  The fridge resides in the middle of the room blocking both the stove and dishwasher, as it cannot be placed over the new cement yet.  And yet, I am resolved to use my kitchen in these last two weeks of residency.
 This is what it looked like before the cement.  
Now, imagine rock debris and the fridge front and center by the dishwasher.

Still un-showered, the rest of the afternoon was devoted to unclogging the bathroom sink and shower drains for about the 6th time in the 2 years that we've lived here.  I am willing to admit after the experiences of the last 3 months that this place -- aside from new carpet, white walls and a lot of space -- is an absolute dump.

I.  cannot.  wait.  to move.


  1. Ugh Ragamuffin! Hope you find a peaceful place soon! Best to you!

  2. yay!! i'm excited for you to move back. to a nicer place. AND i'm stoked to see you today!

  3. Thanks, Hettie!

    Liz -- That was a spectacular night. To many more in our hopefully-not-too-distant futures!!