Saturday, November 19, 2011

the post-SfN sickness

I don't like to be ill.  Crohn's attacks are negotiable; they are systematic enough that I have learned to function with them.  The cough?  The congestion?  These are symptoms so rare in their expression (kudos to immune system wipe-out) that when they do arise, I am made totally invalid.

I could already feel it on the flight(s) back from DC*, that cold and all-to-open airway.  For days I regarded it as little as possible, but this morning I awoke at sunrise to what can only be described as a "whooping" cough.  Preventative flu shot, vitamins and supplements be damned.  I can admit that when it's real, it's real.  I can also admit to relishing the rare excuse to sit on my couch from sunrise to evening sipping tea, reading and writing.

Cheers to you, post-SfN sickness, for waiting for the weekend so that I could get my surgeries accomplished.

On a side note: jeers to cruel professors with identity crises.  Professors should be allowed to teach graduate courses unless at least one of the students is rotating or staying with them.

*SfN-related posts can be found in How We Are Hungry.

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