Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rotation 1 closes; cue Rotation 2

Although I did not die of post-SfN sickness, I have [three weeks later] just now regained my ability to breathe lying down.  Kudos, Remicade.  Well played.

Never mind that I could have used this capability two weeks ago while preparing for journal club presentations, lab meeting presentations and finals.

My first rotation closed with a somewhat awkward bang.  After 72 hours of studying and final-taking, I presented some data to my lab.  I did not accomplish as much as I would have liked over the term, and yet when I presented my last piece of data to Dr. Spinal Cord, the lab manager and a Most Prestigious Collaborator, I was encouraged to stay in the lab so that I could lead the projects in the new joint grant that they are going to propose based on my data.

"Oh thanks, I'm so honored by this awesome opportunity that you're willing to entrust to me... but I still wanna to go check out this other lab that I might like better than you... kthx. PACE."

That was Monday.  I started Rotation 2 on Tuesday.

In stark contrast to Rotation 1 Lab, everything about Rotation 2 Lab is omgshinyandnew.  Also in stark contrast, I was able to get started on two pilot experiments immediately.  Since Rotation 2 Lab (forthwith referred to as StemCell Lab) is just getting going, its 5 active members work closely together to get everyone's projects under way.  And boy, is this a successful approach.  StemCell Lab is also not as big as SpinalCord Lab (n=16-18), so inveterate members have time to train and are invested in making sure everyone is comfortable and independent.  So far, so good.

Unfortunately, StemCell Lab does not have its own hot water dispenser as I grew accustomed to in SpinalCord Lab.  However, StemCell Lab's restroom is ~15 feet closer than SpinalCord Lab's -- critical.  If I stay here, the hot water dispenser is something I can barter for... Raga needs her tea.

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