Saturday, December 10, 2011

Remicade... I've lost count.

This morning, on a clear 70 degree day in December (no biggie), I sauntered into the Cancer Treatment Center on the beach [sort of] no earlier than 10am.  Within forty minutes I was in my corral, neck deep in stem cell litricha and racing along at 140 mL/min.  This was a smaller corral than last time, with only three stations.  And.  Guys.  There was a huge window.

My baller nurse convinced me to let her do an inner forearm I.V., at which I cringed in reflection of the last time I agreed to this (it was ouchy enough to require a warm pad for the full 3.5 hours, and this is coming from someone who likes needles).

              Isn't that an insane spot?  I thought it was an insane spot.  Although I did end up requiring a "warm pad", it was only briefly.

Two.five hours later with my brain and veins saturated, I headed back out into the sun to find groceries and prescriptions.

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