Monday, August 27, 2012

grad school priorities #10

What I should be doing:
Working on my SfN poster... or analyzing behavior... or working on my grant-writing workshop presentation... or working on my journal club presentation...
What I'm doing instead:
Abating nausea.  Touché, CD. 


  1. Best 4-line summary of what it's like to adapt into normal life again with chronic illness. I also have gut dysfunction (not dx'ed w/crohns.. yet), and when it's gone you think you can X Y Z again; when it flares I stock up with 3 DVDs from redbox (which means 2 of them are crappy) because I know I'm getting nothing done that day.

    Great to find your blog btw. I'm always happy to hear about people with chronic illness going into medical practice & research. I wish you the best and look forward to seeing how you mesh your personal health experience w/academia.

  2. Joey -- Thanks so much, and nice to meet you! Looks like you've got quite the chronic menagerie yourself. Be well.