Monday, January 11, 2010

happy new yar part IV

Comfortably back on Prednisone for the last six days, I was able to appreciate this weekend's escapades.  My body has not been this thoroughly sore since returning to gymnastics after a foot injury ten years ago.  We're talking about soreness on the level of annihilating one's ability to roll over in bed (but, oddly, not one's ability to spend another six hours back on the snowboard the following day). 

It feels amazing.  It feels like I'm alive in a very non-crippled way.

The thing about teaching graduate students is that while lengthening my days and draining my brain, it's also energizing in a very unique way.  It's what I got from teaching gymnastics.  It's what I get from learning new things.  It's what I got from the mountain this weekend, and what expanded today at work.

I haven't decided whether the repossession of my ability to wake up in the morning and do things is due to reintroduction of Prednisone or Placebo, but I'm content to feel like myself again.  Another three weeks and I'll know why.

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