Friday, January 8, 2010

happy new year part III

The Goodness just keeps rolling in.  A "surprise" weekend on Mt. Hood (in quotations because I technically knew about the adventure several weeks ago, but proceeded to forget [twice] to put it on my calendar [absurd] and, consequently, forgot about it until the night before, at which time H.B. and I had to go on a frantic night trip to several clothing retailers to hunt for affordable snow clothes which neither of us possess; hopefully I wont spend the entire weekend feeling guilty for having cheated my graduate student out of a full day of practice surgeries).

Today was a full one of learning how to snowboard (which apparently necessitated the bruising of my tail bone and a backward face plant [affectionately known as a skull plant]), swimming in an outdoor heated pool and hot tub in 30 degree weather and having a surprisingly benign lentil patty with mustard and arugula. Sore and satisfied, I'm sitting in a fire-toasted living room with my brother, his best friend and H.B. who are scattered across floor and lounge chairs playing Super Smash Brothers on the LCD screen hovering above the flames, and my father on the couch to my right reading the far-over-rated-but-entertaining book that was displayed on the Mt. Hood In Pictures hardcover adorned the coffee table (The Brief and Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Diaz).

I am content to soak up this warmth (and wet cold) for two more days.  This is the perfect New Year's Treat.

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