Friday, January 15, 2010

Remicade Round V, and other stories

1) Since I have been doing well without Benadryl or Tylenol, I went to my fifth infusion alone.  I discovered two things: a]  there is orange juice if you ask for it, and b]  four hours is far beyond the tolerable duration of headphones, and I will be bringing a book/laptop next time.

2) The step backward into more Prednisone in attempt to avoid severe fatigue and nausea in the second taper is proving questionable.  Just as my moon face was fading away, its return was stimulated immediately.  The fatigue disappeared for a week -- likely due to the initial P.M. -- and now I am exhausted again although not to such an extreme degree.  Although I have cut my hair it continues to fall by multiple handfuls each day (thank you mom and dad, for affording me such thick locks to begin with that this hasn't yet been devastating).  And lastly, the chronic nausea and cramps in my legs have returned.  Killer week, for sure, but all this aside, life is good.

3) And the cold sweats -- the cold sweats are awesome.

4) Rejection letters and interview invitations begin arriving this week, and as such, panic mode has settled into the forefront of my conscious.  Let the trauma begin!

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