Sunday, October 4, 2009

another step backward...

Tonight I made roasted chicken breast with beets (my adventure food of the week!) and onion (which I had to discard).  As soon as I put the dish in the oven, on came an attack quite similar to the one I had last weekend at Family Grill Night... only longer lasting, and more painful.

One major episode a week is fine.

One major episode a week when I'm eating as little as I'm eating while on three different kinds of intense medication is not okay.

What I love about roasting chicken is that it tastes perfect without any additional seasoning, which is great for me; the less rococo the better.  Even the safe seasonings like paprika and turmeric have their short-term risks, sadly.  Fortunately, oxycodone kicked in during the time my supper was roasting, and I was able to enjoy a small portion of it.  I can't explain how incredible roasted beet tasted after so long...

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