Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stripetti Squash Gnocchi

I used the leftover nuked stripetti squash tonight to experiment and make squash gnocchi...

with 3/4 a stripetti squash, three eggs, some flour and nutmeg.  
 which really ended up being more translatable to squash dumplings, as I used more egg and hence more flour than I needed. 
Give me a break -- after spending a significant portion of today with an analytical balance, I was not interested in measuring anything.  Suffice to say, H.B. was not a fan; I, however, loved them.
...with some no-sugar-added apple butter. 

What I learned: Squash is not potato.  It is, in fact, much stickier than potato and negates the use of my extra egg... which negates the use of the extra flour... making the product more dense.  Like gnocchi.  In my defense, this is the first "meal" I've ever concocted that H.B. hasn't liked... 

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