Sunday, October 18, 2009

Of Milestones, Aliens and Confused Symptoms

Well, two hours ago I had hoped to announce this weekend as the first during this flare which has not involved a major Throughput episode.

I had hoped to attribute this feat of baby-step recovery to my self-inflicted intervention with protein and soluble fiber, in concert with my third Remicade infusion.

I had hoped to say that the tide had begun to turn!

Now that Sunday's Weekly Throughput has occurred, I must report that, although sustained, its might was 2/3 that of its usual caliber.  Hazzah!  Hazzah?

Yeah.  It seems that the tide has just become indolent.

Evidently, I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a tightness in my abdomen, flailed until I woke up H.B. who, in turn, woke me up enough to tell him of the accompanying nightmare in which I was Jesse Ventura in Predator and had just had my guts blown out of me by a laser grenade, and proceeded to koala the poor boy until once again losing consciousness.  So, when the tightness in my left small intestine returned this afternoon, the half-aware nostalgia was bemusing.  Today was the first showing of this symptom which I attributed to Backup until the Weekly Throughput occurred.  Now that it's over, the tightness remains.  Noted.

Conclusions:  The attenuation of pain during the Weekly Throughput, although gradual and minuscule, is continuing.  This week I introduced tiny portions of cooked root vegetables and mushrooms, Tofutti BTCC, and low-sugar pomegranate juice.  Seeing as the flare has not responded in escalated rancorous retaliation, I am comfortable  suggesting that it matters slightly less what exactly I'm putting into my system, and more that I'm putting things into my system at all.  This has been my perspective from early on.  Apparently I have a message from another GI -- who Dr. S's nurse was kind enough to recruit in lieu of my latest symptom update -- to retrieve tomorrow morning; and, apparently, he has a suggestion for me...

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