Friday, August 21, 2009

T minus 1d to Remicade

My biased assessment tells me three things:
  1. that prednisone is working after 4 days,
  2. this flare is indeed from newly disturbed tissue and not previous scar tissue,
  3. Remicade will be the solution and I will not have to undergo surgery 8 days before the GRE and two weeks before I go to California to meet with my academic future.

My unbiased assessment, on the other hand, has me concerned that
  1. the prednisone may not be working as well as we hoped,
  2. I am only deflecting the pain with oxycodone and by not eating anything,
  3. this flare may, in fact, be from old scar tissue and I may, in fact, need surgery... god damn it.

<takes a moment to actually call Dr. S's advice nurse to inquire about symptom progress as I was told to do>

Vicki says, "Bless yer heart... well, we're going to go ahead with the Remicade infusion tomorrow and treat this, for now, as if it is a fresh flare."

Cool. From the horse's mouth. As I assumed, four days is not sufficient to be able to tell whether prednisone is or is not working. It's not just because I've also been on constant oxycodone which is blurring my actual symptoms. It's also not just because I'm still on a liquid diet because baked potato didn't go down well.

If I do need to progress toward surgery, I will find out in a few weeks. Hopefully after California. For now, I will put off studying until Sunday, by which time I shouldn't have to take oxycodone and should be able to study. Next week will be a studying powerhouse, which is probably a better style for me anyway.

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