Wednesday, August 5, 2009

24d to the GRE

T-minus 24 days to the GRE. Today, I could not care less about how I'm going to perform. Middle school level algebra, astounding vastness of vocabulary memorization and the most laconic style of writing imaginable do not scare me. After two months of studying for the MCAT, switching to the GRE seems somewhat of a let-down for a scientist. I'm not excited, I'm not nervous... but I don't expect to do well either because I don't care enough.

I continue to make contacts and arrangements with potential mentors whom I have impressed enough to meet with me in September and discuss my eligibility for the graduate programs and their labs. Encouragement from these PI's along with my CV remind me that my acceptance depends more on experience than the GRE... fortunately.

This attitude, though probably not common among Stanford and UCSF applicants, nevertheless helps to keep the stress level at a minimum. I have also been chronically fatigued and nauseas (both new symptoms) for the last two months. More recently, the frequency of IBD-esque attacks has increased as well. My doctor has been slow to attempt to target the causes or long-term solutions. I'm currently on promethazine for the nausea and my lifelong pal levisin for the acute attacks.

Promethazine is a godsend... except for the fact that its primary side effect is severe fatigue. Awesome. So I can no longer ride my bike to/from work because I can't get over the nausea without the promethazine and I can't bike safely on the drug. There goes my daily exercise ritual. There goes whatever help exercise was lending to the fatigue. There goes my stress-queller.

Solutions: primary liquid diet through work hours with mild solid suppers. I use the evenings to study and find it excruciatingly hard to focus with no weight in my stomach. Liquid nutrition helps the brain and body to function... but does NOT beguile the psyche into feeling like it is satiated.

Obstacles: the trick to overcoming my basline level of fatigue instead of fomenting it with promethazine and levisin remains elusive.

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