Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today, at ten hundred hours, my first GRE experience came to an end.

Scratch that -- this post must rightfully begin at its rightful beginning.

My brilliant plan was to wake up at 530am, allow my body some time to adjust to being upright, possibly load it with some Ensure and drugs, and hopefully get any cramps or junk out of my intestines before heading off to the test center.

This was not what occured. At 530am, my alarm did not go off. At 622am, I jolted up in bed to realize that my alarm had not gone off. I did not shower, I did not eat, my stomach received no ablution. At 640am, I left my house to go take this damned GRE.

And at 1030am, it was all over. Fortunately, my ten-minute break came just in time to accomodate the inveighed grumbles of my gut. Otherwise, the rest of the exam proceeded without pain or aggitation.

My raw scores were mediocre, but above-average enough to get me into school. Hopefully, the weighted scores will be higher, but in any case, they will be neither my ruin nor my prized asset.

And I am celebrating by throwing all care to the wind and eating some refried beans. Yes, those savory legumes which have taunted me for weeks on end now sit satisfyingly on my tongue. If I am lucky, this indulgence will not result in hours of toilet agony.

... why in god's name am I craving to study for the GRE Biochemistry subject test?  It's the Compulsion... I haven't planned any projects to get myself through all the after-work hours this week, and the Compulsion is upset.  What terrible debriefing skills on my part...


  1. The most upbeat posting you have submitted. I'm all for it. Congratulations!

  2. ... you prefer my smattering of diarrhea innuendo? :)