Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On the Evolution of Eating Animals

Everyone writes about vegetarianism and veganism in terms of either animal rights/worker rights/environmental sustainability or health/nutrition.  And never the twain shall meet.

I caught a post by Natalie Portman on HuffPost this morning about Jonathan Safran Foer's new book Eating Animals.  It may be the first time I've appreciated Natalie Portman since Leon: The Professional... or, perhaps, I'm just appreciative of the HuffPost editors.  In any case, I was frustrated, yet again, by the book's lack of discussion of the evolution of human health alongside the evolution of the animal farming industry.

Why doesn't anyone talk about how the need for meat in the human diet has changed with our changing physicality/intellect and industry/economy when the context of one is so important to understanding the other?

Closer, but no cigar.

I'm too burnt into the ground to explore this tonight.  When this rush-week is over and I've done my presentation, compiled necessary data for November's grant, finished my post-doc's manuscript, submitted my grad school applications, gotten an inkling of sleep between aberrant episodes of Residual Weekly Throughput and relieving the ever-full bladder... I'll do this subject follow-up-justice.

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