Friday, September 4, 2009

in which i embark on a most trying adventure

Tonight, I'm taking a giant leap. I'm making spaghetti squash. Because I figure... I'm due for my second Remicade infusion tomorrow morning, I have percocet available to get me through the night (if need be), and they will pump me full of chemical goodness to accommodate all ailments in the morning anyway.

Is it a bad sign that I'm having a mini-attack and major throughput in reaction to the two rice cakes and the Ensure I've ingested today? Yes, yes it is.

Don't worry, my logic is never this flawed in my scientific endeavors.

Tomorrow morning I get my second Remicade infusion, followed by an afternoon of packing, cleaning and assembling my prescription battery. The following day, I don a face mask and board an airplane bound for the Bay Area, and kick everyone's ass who looks at me funny, with the exception of small children.

The next two weeks will be exclusively devoted to visiting campuses, trying to impress potential mentors and spending some time with Charlie's family. The trick, here, is going to be to find a pace that will enable my mission without jeopardizing my severely immuno-compromised health. Because this is H1N1 season, and because college bodies (who will be the last to get access to the vaccine) are the most susceptible to this strain which hasn't surfaced since 1977, and because the vaccine isn't available until November, and because I probably wont get the vaccine because it is live and Remicade + live vaccine = bad news (2; H1N1 shot is made of an attenuated but not killed virus)... there will be much face-maskage, much hand sanitizer use and zero eating out (as if I could even if I wanted to). Also, there will be minimal stressing and anxiety; this is my Goliath.

And without further ado...
1/2 spaghetti squash, nuked and simmered in 2 cans of low-sodium chicken broth, 2tbsp tumeric, 1tbsp basil, 1tbsp coriander and 2 garlic cloves.

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  1. Good luck with the College visits. I hope you find one that suits your needs.

    Just on the whole H1N1 thing - I had swine flu and it was no worse than any other flu I've ever had, and I've also had live vaccines whilst on Remicade and before that while on Humira and had no ill effects. Check again with your doctor.