Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ah… to awaken with 4am hunger pangs.  Technically, my body has put in its eight hours of rest and consolidation, and I should be home free to interrupt this stream of consciousness that is so convinced that it is famished.
Galileo on the porch steps of dimly lit Culver City in the midst of early morning traffic, it is.
Well then.  My mind is blown.  I had high expectations of this program, and its discreet strength as a translational medium of research... but I did not anticipate being this impressed.

Admittedly, wasn't too elated with the University Park Campus.  Also admittedly, that was more than likely because I was disappointed with the utter lack of bike rack space!  Otherwise, it was a pleasant place.  The Health Sciences Campus in north east, on the other hand, was fantastic (facility-wise... not ghetto-neighborhood-wise).  The people I met were fantastic.  The enthusiasm was tremendous.  The PIs were astoundingly invested in the translation of the program.  And, last but certainly not of least importance, they liked me.  Score.

Tonight, I lay exhausted, agitated by steroid-induced starvation and by excitement for tomorrow's adventures as I listen to the light breeze of the ocean outside my hostess's high-rise in Santa Monica, and Heroic Boyfriend sleeps soundly beside me.  Yet another for the books.

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