Monday, September 28, 2009

one step back

Alright.  Alright alright, alright, okay.  I get it.  No more chicken broth.

Yesterday I took H.B. down 23rd to star gaze and ogle at all the Trend that is NW Portland.  This journey entailed, by necessity, a meal at Kornblatt's where I humbly indulged in a cup of Matzoh ball soup while he had his first salamicornbeefroastbeef sandwich.  A cup, by the by, which was 80% matzoh ball and 20% soup.  Perfectly proportioned for my second attempt at re-introducing non-dehydrated chicken broth, no?  Clearly, no, for the rumble came four hours later - right on schedule, to my astonishment - and just in time to interrupt Grill Night with the Family.  Fortunately, it was an IBS assault and not Crohn's, so lasted only a half hour or so (also an indication that the prednisone is doing its duty).

Alright.  You win, relentlessly truculent tummeh.  I will continue to eat only wheat-free bread, butternut squash, egg, avocado, dry chicken breast and the occasional spread of refried beans.  Six (solid) dietary staples; one for each week I've been on Prednisone!  How coy.

Needless to say, I am less curmudgeony about Applications having spent a day in Powell's.  

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  1. NATTIE. ahahahaha i'm sorry you only get to eat 6 things... and here i was complaining to my mom that my tummy hurt and wasn't hungry today. at least if i wanted to eat i could have... damn items!!
    i love you.
    lets hang out soon.