Wednesday, September 16, 2009


One down, two to go.  I was thoroughly impressed with the design of the Medical side of the Stanford campus today - although my mediocre documentation does it no justice - and with the insider's perspective on the strength of the program in general.  I believe it is a good sign that the PI emailed to thank me for the visit complete with extol of my strengths, and the hope that I will bring them to the program.  Hot.  Thoroughly encouraged by my first awkwardly-fumbled-but-apparently-impressive meeting, I press onward to the interviews on which a heavier piece of my ambition supervenes.  The bar has been set for USC and UCLA to follow in the upcoming days, and I hope they are all that I'm making them out to be.

To celebrate the end of a wonderful day, through which Heroic Boyfriend chauffeured and explored with me, there was Dollar Sushi Tuesday at the Golden Roll in Marin.  And I had avocado and sweet potato rolls... and perhaps a bit of tuna.  Never before have the simplest of sushi rolls been so alluring, so decadent and so satisfying.  Definitely goes into the logbook as a notable Best Day Ever.

An aside: Prednisone has sunken in.  I'm fully adorned with acne, water weight, and best of all I am insatiably hungry.  All the time.

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