Thursday, March 18, 2010

Food of the Day: Tomatillo

Tomatoes are quite acidic, no matter how you cook them.  I have an unhealthy propensity for acidic foods (tomatoes, vinegarettes, wine...) lately -- particularly since socializing and celebrating have reclaimed significance in my life.  This is a terrible weakness.

I decided two nights ago that since tomatillos are green, and I've always wanted to consume green tomato (of any variety), and Kathryn posted this delightful recipe (which I made without cream), I decided to make tomatillo sauce and (soy) cheese enchiladas...

They were beautiful, and tasty, and my guts mobilized an insurmountable army during the night and destroyed me the following day.  Perhaps this is a sign that I should tone down the acid.

I wrote a post several weeks ago defending onion soup: this, in reality, was a legitimate case.  Tomatoes, however, are different.  I may venture to use Paste tomatoes which are infamously lower in acidity than other tomatoes -- red, pink, yellow -- which all range in the vicinity of 4.6 pH (1).

I may also attempt to overripen my next batch of tomatoes before consuming, as acidity also decreases -- aka, pH increases -- with overripening and bruising (1).

Tomato juices are also lower in acid than tomato solids, go figure, so some tomato juice soup may be high on the experimentation docket (1).

Or, of course, there's also cooking tomatoes with other vegetables to quell the acid.

Or not eating them so often.

What I did learn about tomatillos, in particular, though, is that they are unusually high in lithium and are recommended to eat when moody or manic (2).  Interesting, no?

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