Saturday, March 20, 2010

Of Percocet and Superglue

Bless me, Intestines, for I have sinned (apparently); it has been two weeks since my last prednisone.

Because it took five months on prednisone for me to notice any non-painkiller-mediated improvement, I had given up on this (and last) year's flare being a fresh area.  This shaky conclusion left me befuddled, because the pain had been focused in a new area (a.k.a., not the ileum), and so I suspected that prednisone would clean up the new dirt, as it were.  Low and behold, I am but two weeks without prednisone and am again unable to eat most anything in my [generally] modest diet without experiencing heavy bloating, nausea and pain.  Apparently prednisone was doing some good after all, it just took five months to show it?

What is interesting about this new baseline is that it is central to my stomach -- yeah, very much not the ileum or any part of the intestine -- but that it resembles the pressure and pain I felt in my intestine several months ago.  The pain, although not nearly so crippling, now accompanies the feeling of imminent explosion in my stomach pouch.  It is an interesting ordeal trying to figure out what has happened over the last two weeks to encourage this development.

1) some yogurt-covered raisins
2) tomatillo sauce
3) two slices of marionberry pie (no seeds)

So I've started from scratch again over the last 3 days (broth, crackers, egg) to see if I can regain calm seas.  It's not worked yet.

The non-food culprit exists, however.  Affectionately named Allergy Magic, and pharmaceutically marketed as Allegra, the tummeh proper is very sensitive to this drug.  It must be taken on a full stomach, but NOT with food.  Half an hour after food is the recommendation, and a non-sugary meal, at that.  A full 12 oz of water is an additional must.  These precautions may not be enough to keep my stomach from reacting poorly.  It is a possibility.

In spite of it all, I have taken an oxycodone this evening, hell-bent on indulging in chicken, zucchini and some light pasta tonight...  before crusading for wedding dresses tomorrow.  Am I good, or what?

And most importantly, I sliced the tip of my index finger this afternoon whilst cutting bread.  With a giant serrated bread knife.  I'll find out tomorrow how deep it is, but based on how quickly the pain was quelled (10-15min), I concluded that I did not scathe the bone.  I did, however, cut plain through half of my fingernail, which is quite gnarly and could be bent away.

Although I didn't figure myself too frightened, and although H.K. and I iced/ethanoled/pressed/gauzed the poor piggy fairly efficiently, I noticed that I had a small wave of shock.  My body heated all but instantaneously to the point of black-spotted dizziness and I had to sit down -- the shock itself was the only thing that actually shocked me.

My favorite part was supergluing the gushing gap shut.  Oh yes.  This is a frequent medical practice; did you know?  I didn't.  So instead of going to the ER, we glued my finger tip back on.  It was awesome.  H.K. is a fine doctor.

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  1. oh mylanta. Are you sure your finger is okay? I love your blog its the best. What's crazy is that I was actually missing prednisone myself yesterday, so much so that i announced to thom that I was begging to get it back from my dr. Joints and bones be damned. I'm still kinda scared....