Monday, April 11, 2011

blue skies, hail, nausea and wine

Monday mornings never sink me like they do many people in my midst.  Usually, I'm excited to begin whatever needs beginning on Mondays.  This morning has not been my average Monday.

It's beautiful outside, with a classically PNW combination of blue skies and hail.  It's very fitting with my acid jazz and manuscript-writing ambiance.  What doesn't fit is this biting maelstrom of nausea and acid reflux that I've had since last week (boosted, indubitably, by Boardgame Night's over-the-top partaking of 4 glasses of wine Saturday evening.. oops).

The manuscript is in the "accepted pending revisions" phase, as I choose to interpret it.  So in a mish-mosh of protein analysis, scoping and drug administration, I'm finalizing my fourth first author paper.  It's not that I don't enjoy this kind of day, sans the physical irritations, but I want nothing more than to sit at home in my calmly lit reading chair with a huge pot of tea and my book about George, Nicholas and Wilhelm and the events leading up to WWI, pop a promethazine and wait for sleep to catch me before emesis does.

But I will resubmit this manuscript first.

It's a Moondog kind of day.

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