Wednesday, November 25, 2009

beam of sunlight

I fell asleep at 830pm last night.  There was no aggitated squirming, and no hot pad.  Between 830pm and 545am, I was only woken up three times.  Three.  In 9 hours.  Hoorah for Doxycycline.  This is cause for a tremendous celebration.  I think I will demand that it involve a turkey and lots of squash dishes.

I did wake up with a throbbing left leg this morning, because, well, if it's not one thing...  However, gone by the time I made it to work this morning, it proved to be harmless.

I have been training this week for Thanksgiving.  That's right, triathalon style training.  I ate dried cranberries on Sunday and cooked salmon and zuchini on Monday, more dried cranberries and garlic bread on Tuesday.  Although the garlic bread brought a bit of upset, I am otherwise six days Crohn's pain free.

Take a minute to absorb that one.  Like sunlight.

Bring on the turkey.

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