Friday, November 20, 2009

sick day 1; sit rep

After my 3-6am outburst of energy yesterday, during which I worked on some graphs even though I said I wouldn't, I slept on and off for the entire rest of the day.  In 1-3 hr increments.  And got through nine pages of reading and Shrek the Third in between.

Slumber was interrupted only about four times last night -- only twice in cold sweats (score!) -- for bladder relief, which suggests that at least the antibiotics are helping even though my urinalysis was negative (?!).  The kidney infection debate is still open; however, I am considering it ridiculous and am ascribing the symptoms to the flu and its collision with my Crohn's treatment battery.  Nevertheless, my PCP (who, for the record, is a goddess and I almost asked her if she'd mind branching out and treating my Crohn's disease) requests another urinalysis when I'm done with the antibiotics.  I have no interest in resisting her.

Toast has never been so... ... much more appealing than any other food, including chicken soup.

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