Sunday, November 22, 2009

sick day 3: sit rep

I can't really tell if the nausea is due to revitalized pre-flare Crohn's, or from the absurd amount of drugs I'm taking for all the other symptoms that have suddenly arisen.  The pharmacists assure me that they check my file every time they prescribe me something new to make sure nothing clashes, but they are just as full of BS as anyone else, I find.  Just because the cross-referencing of two (or thirteen) drugs doesn't pop up a glaringly flashy warning sign does not mean they are safe to take together.  Did the pharmacist count the number of prescriptions I'm on that are 1-3x daily?  Probably not.  So I really have no idea what's going on, except that I feel like a zombie.  A very nauseated zombie who hasn't slept in 2 days.

Since I last posted (at 230am yesterday), I have slept about four hours, which is to say that I have slept roughly four hours of the last 48.  This would be totally tolerable except that I'm ill.  And since I know that lack of sleep is working against me in terms of healing whatever is wrong, I am particularly irritated about it.  I have accomplished, however, an excessive amount of movie-watching.  My heating pad has contributed more to the electricity bill over the past three days than during any other time during this current Crohn's flare (also impressive... I'm very impressed with the artifacts of this medical enigma in general, it seems).

Good news:  In the eb and flo of nausea, aching and other effects of what we will temporarily call "kidney infection" (even though that is clearly not what is going on), it escaped my attention that I have not had Crohn's pain for nearly five days.  Unheard of -- absurd!  And very, very encouraging.

As for the inauguration of Sick Day 4, I am off to urgent care shortly.

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