Saturday, November 21, 2009

sick day 2; sit rep

I should, perhaps, not make documentations during the wee hours (no pun this time) when I am particularly irritated by the fact that I am not sleeping.

I jinxed myself, it appears, by bragging that I slept an almost healthy cycle last night.  The Gods of Pharmacy are having their sweet revenge (they are easily embittered).  Let it be known that throbbing is not always classified as "pain", and is therefore not always defeated by painkiller, a lesson that I am learning through practice at 2:30am.  Let it also be known that it is, in fact, possible for throbbing irritation to override the sedative effects of oxycodone -- a particularly impressive demonstration.  I am now semi-convinced that my negative urinalysis may not have been a screw-up, and I may be taking extra antibiotics for no reason.

Second unexpected report: Boost sent me to dust off the promethazine bottle after several weeks of successfully fended-off nausea.  Perhaps sugar was the culprit.  I also learned that although I typically do not react poorly to cooked carrots, dried carrot chips do initiate an allergic reaction.  Toast has once again won-out in allure, today.  And an egg.  

On the other hand, I'm plenty awake enough to do some reading without falling asleep five pages in (as has been my habit the last several days/weeks).

On that same, auspicious hand, I finished a draft of the textbook chapter today, which reminds me: my boss and coworkers are incredible, very few are so lucky.  I am plenty happy with it; the weekend will be for fine tuning and healing only.

Finally, the very same proverbial hand seems to have facilitated -- after painfully ridiculous and prolonged chasing down of various graduate admissions personnel --  the confirmed reception of all of my letters of recommendation!  You'd think a graduate school that promotes online applications but also accepts/requires portions in hard copy would have an efficient system of making sure the combined records eventually met in the same system.  Apparently, this is not a safe assumption.  Those universities which offer stubborn old-school professors the option of snail-mailing letters of recommendation do not necessarily have a system of marking that record in the online system (which, for the last few weeks, has listed my application as "unfinished" because admissions had not entered that particular letter of recommendation into the system).  All four of my schools are guilty of this, by the way.

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